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About Cehuma

CEHUMA, with its qualified manpower and strong engineering know-how, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality vacuum/MAP packaging machines and automatic forming filling sealing machines ,which are also called as HFFS (horizontal thermoform fill seal machines)  or TFFS (thermoform fill seal) or FFS (form fill seal) or even as thermoformer, basically for food and food products, medical kits, consumer goods or similar industries. CEHUMA mainly has two range of packaging machines one of which is called CM series mainly for vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmospheric Pressure) applications and the other one is called YZ series for automatic filling and sealing applications.


Vacuum/MAP Packaging

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Automatic Filling and Sealing Machines (FFS)


Factor 4

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Cehuma, with its solid engineering wisdom, always aims to halve the resources and double the productivity that is going to boost the food packaging output 4 times higher as a factor4 solution. Cehuma would also diagnose food processing factories to give proposal on how to increase the productivity with its tailormade packaging machine solutions. In addition to this, Cehuma’s job does not stop at manufacturing and selling of thermoforming packaging machines but also to make enhancement of resource productivity in food processing factories as one of its main responsibilities. As a basic principle of Cehuma factor4 solution, we decrease the energy, water, air consumption and the foil scrap also increase the productivity by improving the maintenance frequency, operation easiness, machine life span, production speed and manpower need which, at the end of the day, lead a drastic efficiency increase.

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