CM Series Thermoformers


Capacity (Cyc/Min)

Web Width (mm)

Max. Forming Depth (mm)

Energy Consumption (kW)

Electric Supply

Air Pressure (Bar)

CM Series








3x380V, 50Hz


Bottom Web Material

Top Web Material

Machine Length (mm)

Cooling Water (°C)


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CM series thermoforming packaging machines are for food and non food applications, capable of processing both flexible and rigid films up to a width of 600 mm and thickness of 1200 µm with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options. The machine is constructed of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials for easy maintenance and sanitation. Frame is constructed with stainless steel shafts and sheets to provide extraordinary strength and rigidity to the machine. Cehuma has designed every section of CM series thermoforming packaging machines to meet hygiene and cleaning requirements demanded by today's food processing and medical industry.

Our design and research team have cooperated with our customers to understand their needs and to configure a thermoforming packaging machine that meets their highest expectations and satisfy their output targets and quality needs not only for current but also for the future.​


  • Dairy Products (Cheese, butter…)

  • Meat Products (Red meadt, grinded meat, sausage, smoked meat…)

  • Poultry Products

  • Sea Food (fish, schrimp, octopus, muscles…)

  • Dried Fruits & Vegetables (Dates, appricots…)

  • Ready to Eat Meals (Prepared meals)

  • Pizza

  • Olives

  • Medical Kits & Devices


  • Entire stainless steel structure (AISI 304)

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel film transport chain

  • Modular construction

  • Omron PLC for machine control.

  • Easy format change

  • Highly efficient.

  • Reduced consumption (Electricity, air)

  • Low maintenance.

  • IP65 level of protection.

  • Safety standards according to "EC" regulations.

  • Easy access to internal components of the machine

  • Inclined surfaces allow water to drain during cleaning.

  • Minimised use of internal wiring.

  • Multiple choices for thermoform films:

  • Flexible and rigid films, Sealable monofilms, multilayer films, foamed films, laminates with an aluminium layer, paper and Tyvek webs

  • Programmable advance speed.- Control Panel with a Touch Screen Displaying:

  •  Language selection.

  • Operating mode selection.

  • Operating time.

  • Error messages.

  • Easy and user friendly.

  • Control and display programs easily updatable (USB or Ethernet). Remote Support Management (RSM). Connection is made by Ethernet with http access (internet).


  • Stainless steel construction make the machine longer lifetime.

  • Modular construction that can be enlarged depending on the project.

  • Centralized lubrication system

  • Advanced film infeeding system make the folling film smooth and strong enough for thermoforming.

  • Large touch screen PLC operating system provide maximum possibility for controling the machine.

  • Maximum safety protection.All the function section is covered with steel cover prevent worker from being hurt.

  • Packing depth can reach 150mm

  • Customizable to individual application requirements

  • User-friendly control system

  • Suitable for integration in inspection and labeling systems, slicers, multihead weighers and other equipments

  • Minimum maintenance


  • Dosing and product loading systems.

  • Die/reel holder trolley.

  • Coding and printing systems (Thermal printers, Flexographic Printer, Ink-Jets etc.)

  • Metal detectors.

  • Filler

  • Check Weigher

  • Recycle Water Cooling System

  • Additional Vacuum Pump

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

  • Printed film registration - top film

  • Evacuation unit for liquid products

  • Automatic chain lubrication

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

  • Range of cutting options

  • Steam purging evacuation system (SFP)

  • Other options by request

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