Cehuma, meets its customer needs with inovative, high quality and value-added products and services in order them to be competetive then ever both in local and domestic scale. Combining its deep expertise and experience in thermoform packaging machines manufacturing with inovation leaders of the industry, Cehuma helps its customers to be always ahead.

With our main priority "packaging for a better world" we hope to build the future together with our customers calmly but decisively.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Cehuma| Better Packaging for a Better World

Best solutions ever for your packages...

Our thermoforming packaging machine range is ready to pack dairy products, meat products, sea food, poultry products, dried fruits and vegetables, medical products…

Further to above, our thermoforming packaging machine series also offers filling and packing of cup water, honey, jam, ketchup, mayonnaise, yoghurt, creme cheese, chocolate, nut paste, butter…

With strategic partnerships, locations and operations in each corner of the globe Cehuma is a truly Global Company and know well what you are facing in global competetion and ready to contribute your business to boost up.​

Packaging Machines

Fish Thermoform Packaging Machine

OUR Mission
As Cehuma we aim to be a company who uses scientific methods in thermoforming packaging machines and develops these methods to achieve the best possible solutions to add value not only to the environment but also to its customers and employees for sustainable processing and packaging.


OUR Vision
Our vision is to be leader in integrated packaging solutions particularly for thermoforming packaging machines globally.


OUR Values

  • Transparency

  • Reliability

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Qualified Manpower

  • Knowledge Oriented

  • Cooperativeness

High Speed Thermoform Packaging Machine